Spiritual Activities

Aum Namah Shivaye………

  • Our Spiritual World…… we are born in a world of ” Things, jobs, relationships, emotions, money, competition and politics”.
  • To survive, we have also learnt the same things from nursery to school, college, University and then at the Office.
  • But sometimes we get tired of playing the game of this world. And we wonder about the “Other world” that the saints and mystics have always pointed out, the spiritual world, the world of goodness and joy and harmony. And we wish so hard to be a part of that world instead of this.
  • But actually there are no two separate worlds.
  • Everything is here. We have only understood one and are yet to tune into the other. This is quite like a broadcast and listening sequence, where you don’t need a separate radio to tune from one Fm channel to another.
  • If we could learn that spirituality and materialism are not opposed to each other, but are, in fact, designed to be complementary, we would find our boat cruising better on the constant stream of life.
  • If we want to immediately sync the material world we have to live in, with the spiritual paradise we dream of,
  • If we want to release ourselves from all our past misgivings, realizing it was all part of the play, designed to lead us to the point where we are “Now”.
  • If we want to take charge of our life in terms of awareness, and raise our own self esteem; we must get anchored firmly in our spiritual consciousness: we must hold onto the presence of Shiva, in our world.